About Us

BalikButuan, a once-every-five-year reunion of Butuanons and friends from around the world to an ancient place called BUTUAN has again activated The BalikButuan 2015 otherwise known as “BBY2K15”. It started in the millennium year 2000, then in 2005, 2010, and now 2015. This will be our fourth (4th) year of celebrating BalikButuan. We invite all Butuanons, Agusanons, and friends to join us and experience the fun of high school reunions,family grand reunions,
sports festivals, baroto race, tourist attractions, tree planting, project turnover, and the highlight of the event is the Duom Hong Pasidungog where we will award the TOBA or “Ten Outstanding Butuanons”, and the celebration of our golden heritage.

Celebrating our Golden Heritage